Project Hope has an experienced, compassionate group of former shelter guests, shelter volunteers and staff members who are trained and excited to speak at your next church service, group meeting or other gathering. They will not only inform the audience about the situation facing many Lake County-area families experiecing homelessness, but will bring the statistics to life, putting faces and stories to the situations our neighbors are facing.

In addition, Project Hope can provide your group with first-person insight into the Lake County situation through the Firebrands 11, a group of former shelter guests who have transformed their lives and are successfully giving back to and revolutionizing the greater community.

Former shelter guests like Ed Hotko and Timothy Mummaw have shared their stories at Project Hope events, in community events working to end homelessness and in other locations, educating and informing people about the area situation and their success.

To learn more about the Project Hope Speakers Bureau or to invite a speaker to your next meeting, email  or call (440) 354-6417.