It takes a tremendous amount of effort and coordination to keep Project Hope running smoothly, especially when so much of what we need is dependent upon the generosity of our volunteers.

Occasionally we are faced with critical needs: we may be out of packed lunches or wish list items such as forks or plates to use at dinner. When that happens, we turn to our Critical Needs volunteers to help us solve the problem. These volunteers are willing and able to handle the last minute requests for supplies or much needed funds that are critical to the existence and financial base of Project Hope. If you would like to enlist as a critical need volunteer, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at 440-354-6417 to be included on our “Critical Needs List” or fill out an application right now.

Below is the Project Hope Wish List which contains information on all of the basic supplies needed to keep the shelter running smoothly.

Project Hope Wish List

Disposable plates/cups/bowls *
Plastic knives, forks, spoons *
Napkins/Paper towels
Toilet paper
Trash bags (13 & 33 gal.)
Coffee (regular and decaf)
Disposable gloves
Copy/printer paper
Postage stamps *
White, 20# 8.5×11 paper
White labels (Avery 5960)
Office supply stores
$10 gas cards
Fast food places ($1, $5, $10)
Pizza places
Subway, Wal-mart, Giant Eagle
LakeTran bus tokens
Sanitizing cleaning products
Toilet cleaner *
Glass cleaner
HE laundry detergent *
HE fabric softener *
Liquid dish soap
Hand warmers
Juice, milk, drink mixes
Cereal, breakfast bars
Sugar *
Peanut butter & jelly
Lunch meat/cheese
Mustard, salad dressing
Individual lunch snacks
Individual condiments
Individual bottled water
Paper lunch bags
Sandwich bags
Gallon Ziploc bags
Foil/plastic wrap
Boxed tissue/individual
Body soap/Liquid hand soap
Shaving cream/Razors
Women’s sanitary products
NEW underwear & thermals
NEW T-shirts & socks
Lip balm
Cough drops
*most needed