Families Moving Forward

Families Moving Forward
Building Resiliency One Family at a Time.

“It is not like your typical shelter. There is love there. It is Christian based. I felt welcomed, like I belonged there. I didn’t feel judged. If you just stay, and work with the program you’ll get the help that you need, especially for your children. “ R.W. – Former Guest

In 2013 we started our Families Moving Forward program off site. We recognized the need for the children to have their own space to grow and learn while transitioning from the traumatic experience of homelessness, and in 2014 we built our Families Moving Forward wing dedicated specifically to the children and their parents struggling with homelessness.

The children and parents could not be any more pleased with the family space. Parents are within line of sight from their children and are able to relax thanks to their secure surroundings and get a brief respite when children nap or go to sleep for the evening. The children’s needs are being made a top priority and with the help of our partners we are taking efforts to ensure parents have resources to help them succeed.

Sarah Powell was welcomed as our Families Moving Forward Program Director. Sarah is the perfect fit, as she had nearly a decade of expertise with our population prior to FMF’s existence and was on the task force that was instrumental in creating the family shelter. She expanded staffing, brought additional partnerships to the program and increased our positive transitions to 100%!

The children not only experience less trauma in the new family facility, you can hear their giggles as they play in their newly dedicated Debra Ann November play area, made possible by Mort and Iris November. The larger equipment includes a life-sized playhouse, picnic table, and bench, granted to us by Ronald McDonald House Charities of Northeastern Ohio.


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