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Mission Statement and Vision

Our Mission statement- Responding to the human hurts and hopes of persons in Lake County who are homeless by providing emergency shelter, care and guidance in the name and for the sake of Jesus Christ.

Our Vision- To be a proactive solution in helping persons who are homeless reach independence in Lake County.

“The two boys waved at me as I passed the ramp at Project Hope for the Homeless. I had first met them when I was volunteering on the family side of the shelter. I was immediately impressed with their mom, who takes parenting quite seriously. I was equally impressed with the friendliness and the behavior of her children. The social worker was helping her sort through papers and listings that could assist her. If I have learned anything in this last year and a half, it is that the those who are blessed to be at this place are by and large men, women and children of good character who for one reason or another have become homeless.” – Volunteer

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